Broaching Services

Broaching Services

We have been focusing on professional "broaching machine manufacturing" for 20 years, and also provide processing services for related products.
The machines processed in the factory are all made by us, and the processing precision is highly recognized by many customers. At present, the processing capacity in the factory covers 3 tons to 15 tons.

Broaching factory

The customer industry covers automobiles, locomotives, bicycles, pneumatic tools, hand tools, mechanical parts, biotechnology industries, etc. The processing project includes the processing of the inner hole and the processing of the shape:

  • Keyway
  • Stitching
  • Internal tooth type
  • Roundness
  • Multilateral
  • External teeth

Inner diameter machining, outer diameter machining

We have many years of practical experience and metal broaching technology, and also have professional production equipment, we deliver fast and excellent quality, welcome customers to inquire.