What size broaching should I buy?

Please provide us with relevant drawings of the workpiece for evaluation. If you have other needs, please discuss with us to plan the broaching machine that suits you best.

Is there a limit to the material of the workpiece processed by the broaching machine?

In theory, most metal materials can be processed, but the hardness of the workpiece is not recommended to exceed HRC25, which will seriously shorten the service life of the broach.

How long does the delivery time take?

The broaching order needs to be determined by the complexity of the machine, which takes about 90 to 150 days.

The broach is the same, it takes about 45 to 90 days.

Is the operation of the broaching machine difficult?

Basically, the operation of the broaching machine is quite simple, but it will be different according to the degree of customization. Most operators only need to replace the workpiece.

The main power of the broaching machine should be servo power or hydraulic power?

This must be assessed by the customer.

Servo power is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, and it occupies less space, but the cost of machines and maintenance parts is higher.

Hydraulic power needs to replace consumables (hydraulic fluid) every year and occupy a large area, but the overall cost is low.

Are there any restrictions on the workpieces processed by the broaching machine?

The workpiece processed in the broaching machine, regardless of the shape or inner hole of the workpiece, must be traversable. The purpose is to allow the broach to completely pass the workpiece to complete the machining process.

Does the cutting fluid need to be replaced?

This is subject to availability. When the cutting fluid is blistering, smelling or other bad conditions, it needs to be replaced. The cutting fluid is different for different materials. It is recommended to contact the local oil supplier to select the best cutting fluid.

What should I do if there is not enough space in the factory?

Please refer to the pull-up broaching specifications first. This is the smallest model of our company or you can place some parts of the broaching machine below the ground. If the above is not enough, consider the broaching service in our company.