Company Profile

Our predecessor, Cangsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in April 1995. In August 2003, it was changed to Yao Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Taichung City. It is a professional machine factory for producing broaching machines and related parts. The main business is Customized order making. In recent years, we have completed the CE safety certification of the German TUV company.

We adhere to the spirit of “R&D Innovation and Perfect Service” to provide complete services such as planning, design, manufacturing and assembly of special machines. Its high-precision, high-efficiency processing technology provides stable quality products for domestic and foreign customers.

Yao Sheng has been deeply involved in the broaching industry for more than 20 years. It always understands the needs of customers on the first line and plans the most suitable broaching solution for each customer. In addition, there are professionals in China who provide installation, maintenance and education for their machines.

Marketing worldwide
At present, we have sold about 20 countries around the world. Our related industries include automobiles, aerospace, locomotives, bicycles, hand tools, gears, etc., among which the automotive parts manufacturing industry is the largest. Most of our machines are placed in continuous production line planning to provide high quality finished products.
Our customers
China's well-known gearbox factory, transmission parts factory and synchronizer factory. Such well-known enterprises as Tangshan Aisin Gear Factory, Tianjin Tianhai Synchronizer, Xiali Transmission Factory, Chery Transmission Factory, etc. all use the broaching equipment of the Yao sheng to produce products.