Vertical Servo Broaching Machine

  • Vertical Servo Broaching Machine
  • Vertical Servo Broaching Machine

When the operator performs the operation of the machine, it will have a certain height from the ground. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with the machine to build the personnel standing platform or place the machine below the ground, but the workpiece processing flexibility is high. Cars, aerospace, motorcycle, bicycles, hardware, hand tools, gears, etc. are used by related customers.

Its processing capacity is 5~20 tons, and the stroke is up to 1900mm. It can be applied to the broaching process of inner hole keyway, inner hole spline or special hole.

The main power is the servo motor with the ball screw, which effectively reduces the required capacity of the hydraulic tank to reduce the size of the machine and is more energy efficient than the original hydraulic system.

The machine is easy to operate, can be matched with special fixtures and custom broaches according to customer requirements, and can also be designed for automated production lines.

Product Description
Processing example

Machining workpiece
Working picture
Working picture
Warehouse location detection
Tool change mechanism
Product Feature
  • The workpiece is fixed during broaching, and the working platformdrives the broach to move downward for inner hole broaching.
  • The main power of the work platform is driven by a servo motor.
  • When the operator performs the operation of the machine, it will have acertain height from the ground.
  • It has a support function in the machining process to reduce the swayof the broach to improve the machining accuracy.
  • With broach protection device, it can effectively reduce tool damagecaused by human accidents.
  • It has a smaller volume to save space in the plant, and it is morethan 15% energy efficient compared to hydraulic broaching machines.
  • With intelligent touch interface, personnel can manage the movement ofthe machine in the operation screen.
  • During the machining process, broaching, chip removal and cleaningbroaches can be done automatically.
  • 1~3 processing positions can be designed according to customer'scapacity requirements.
  • It can be equipped with automatic rotating robots and storage devicesaccording to the needs of the production line.
  • It can be equipped with a broach exchange device according to customerrequirements.
Product Specification
Specification   TUVB-560 TUVB-1060 TUVB-2060
Broaching force ton 5 10 20
Broaching stroke mm 1000~1500 1000~1600 1500~1900
Rang of feed speed mm/min 0~8 0~8 0~8
Rang of retract speed mm/min 0~12 0~12 0~10
Max. workpiece diameter mm Ø350 Ø350 Ø400
Main servo motor kw 7 15 22+5 five ratio reducer
Cutting oil pump motor hp 1HP x 6Px1 1HP x 6Px2 1HP x 6Px2
Ball screw size mm Ø55 Ø63 Ø80
Helight of table mm 1900~2200 2100~2600 2600~3000
(WxLxH) Machine dimensions mm 2000x2500x
Machine weight ton 7~9 8~10 14~16